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Rebecca Kingsley UNTOUCHED



I named this album “Untouched” upon its completion June 1st, 2012 because it was something I took into my own hands. But when its release was put on hold, this title innocently took on further meaning as the album was left “Untouched” for more than a year. Every step and every component of this project I dealt with hands on. But I never could have made it happen had it not been for the many other hands on deck. My family: my beautifully creative, bright and ambitious older sister, Caroline; my outspoken, eccentric and adoring brother, Willy; a mother who is my biggest fan and friend, and who’s beautiful voice can be heard on “Hope I Find My Way”; a bighearted Daddy who always makes me laugh and loves me unconditionally; my most dear Martha and Nanc; my wise and beautiful little sister, Sarah; and Johi, mi angelita. Thank you to Darren Mastropaolo for helping me find my voice again. To my favorite singer and friend, Lyle Divinsky for connecting me with the most wonderful group of Portland musicians and people. To Andy Argondizza, the album’s MVP, who was there for me through this all, guiding me, supporting me, believing in me and sometimes just listening to me. To Dan Merrill for his patience and warmth, the beautiful life he gave these songs, and for all the fun he, Andy and I had together recording in his cool, cozy tree house studio. (We also ought to thank Amato’s he he.) To my fury entourage, Paparazzi and Stella. To all the phenomenal musicians on the album; to my friend, Wyclef; to Jamey at Chung King Studios; a very special thanks to Mike Stein and Bernard Purdie; to Remy for making things happen so beautifully with such short notice; to my mentor and friend, Colin Morrison, who has been in my heart every time I step up to the mic. A special thanks to ML Norton for putting on such a beautiful photo shoot; also to Francois Gagne, Shanell Petrino, Jose Miguel Compres, Americk Lewis and Nick Sosin. To my forever friends, the incredibly talented Zack Atkinson and Brian Sewall for doing all the album artwork. To JR, my muse, with whom I’ve experienced love and loss at its deepest… and for all the good writing material that’s come out of it. To Jasper and the Vinatta Project for hosting the NYC fundraiser, and to my sister for orchestrating such a successful night; to the many people who supported my Kickstarter project that made the making of this album possible (special thanks to Deets, Jennifer Staudenmaier, mi cuñado Benny, and RK for their exceptional generosity).

Rebecca Kingsley

I am so excited to announce that “My Man” is now available on iTunes! Darren Mastropaolo and I wrote “My Man” together in 2009. In 2012, I produced it as part of my Kickstarter Album, and this summer the song was selected out of over 20,000 entries in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in the Jazz category.
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