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A week from today I have a very big and exciting show at SOB’s (Sounds of Brazil), the famous live music venue located in Soho (NYC). I’ll be performing for the first time ever with my 9-piece Bachata band! 2 sets, including all of the unreleased material off of my Bachata album. Doors open at 6pm, Bachata dance lessons at 7pm, and we go on with our first set at about 9pm and play until close! Hope to see you there!

Rebecca Kingsley

Rebecca Kingsley

I am so excited to announce that “My Man” is now available on iTunes! Darren Mastropaolo and I wrote “My Man” together in 2009. In 2012, I produced it as part of my Kickstarter Album, and this summer the song was selected out of over 20,000 entries in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in the Jazz category.
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Rebecca Kingsley: A Gringa Seduced by Bachata
The American singer promotes “Killing me softly” bachata version
Destiny had prepared a big surprise for the American artist, Rebecca Kingsley. After having experience in jazz, R&B and soul, this young singer never imagined she would end up singing bachata.
“I was dancing in a show when I met my partner, Remy Nunez. He saw me dancing and asked what I was doing there and if I liked bachata and I told him yes,” Rebecca said with her very fluent Spanish, and so she began telling her story of this world of bachata.
Remy Nunez had an idea, which was to have Rebecca sing Bachata entirely in English. Then in 2005 they made the first test record of a bachata song, but it ended up (being left behind).
After losing touch, in the time they were apart, the 24 year-old dancer also studied and sang professionally in New York City. When she finished college, Rebecca felt ready to release her first album, which would be jazz, R&B and Soul album, but she wanted to add to the album at least one tropical song. That was when she thought no one could help her better than her former friend, Remy Nunez.
The reunion. It was not until six years later, in (2012) when these friends were reunited to continue their dream together.
The song “Killing Me Softly”, which features singer Wyclef Jean, is the first single off of her first production “La Unica”. On this album, the singer born in (Maine) Boston will also have a collaboration with Fernando Villalona, with whom she shared the stage with in a concert that this merenguero put on in his hometown village, Loma de Cabrera.
“When I left college, I wanted to do a solo Jazz, Soul and R&B album, but I love Latin music and I wanted to do at least one Latin song… I thought about Remy Núñez and so I looked him up on