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It’s such a blessing that a day of “work” could entail being with my most favorite people in all the world
Dancing bachata,
Downing shots of Mamajuana at 11 in the morning,
Breaking for some banging rice, beans and tostones in the barber shop, Josh’s House of Style, courtesy of Edwin Castillo,
Rocking out on stage with only the best musicians,
Finishing the day in my most favorite restaurant, Flor de Mayo, with a Nutcracker…
Thank you to my sis, Caroline Nina McCandless and Benny for putting the pieces to the puzzle; to Will McCandless III for taking care of his sisters; to the fucking extraordinary Flight Club crew- Americk, Nick, Brittany, Shanell Petrino; to my video vixen, the very talented June, aka Jay R Veiga; to our friends who showed up to showed love at 10 in the friggin morning; to my “band” Christopher Smith, Henry Burgos, Remy Nuñez and Mark Whitfield; and to all the gente at Mamajuana up in Dyckman.
rebecca kingsley

rebecca kingsley mark whitfield

We’re doing a music video for the “Killing Me Softly” Bachata cover, which features Wyclef.
This is my first music video ever, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team! This photo captures a couple of the players.
June Freedom Wyclef Jean Rebecca Kingsley

Filming in the car with Clef
Wyclef Jean Rebecca Kingsley

After 2 very productive weeks of recording in La Capital, I flew back to the US to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Atlanta.

Here I am on my way to the studio my first day back in Santo Domingo:

rebecca kingsley

Its crunch time! 6 songs mixed, 4 to go!

Rebecca Kingsley

How lucky am I to have a partner who- yes, we get our work done- but man, do we leave plenty of time for laughing!

Rebecca Kingsley Remy Nuñez

While I’ve decided not to release my album for the time being, it is important to me that I be able to give my thanks and credit to everyone involved in the making of this extraordinary body of work!

I named the album “Untouched” because it was something I took into my own hands. Every step and every component of this project I dealt with hands on. But I never could have made it happen had it not been for the many other hands on deck. My family: my outspoken, eccentric and adoring brother, Willy; my beautifully creative, bright and ambitious older sister, Caroline; my inspiring little sister, Sarah; a mother who is my biggest fan and best friend, and who’s beautiful voice can be heard on “Hope I Find My Way”; a bighearted Daddy who always makes me laugh and loves me unconditionally, and his incredible partner, Ursula; my most dear Martha and Nanc; Benny, mi cuñado; and Johi, mi angelita. Thank you to Darren Mastropaolo for helping me find my voice again. To my favorite singer and friend, Lyle Divinsky for connecting me with the most wonderful group of Portland musicians and people. To Andy Argondizza, aka “The Diva”, the album’s MVP, who was there for me through this all, guiding me, supporting me, believing in me and sometimes just listening to me. To Dan Merrill for his patience and warmth, the beautiful life he gave these songs, and for all the fun he, Andy and I had together recording in his cool, cozy tree house studio. (We’d also like to thank Amato’s he he) To my fury entourage, Paparazzi and Stella. To all the phenomenal musicians on the album; to my dear friend, Wyclef; to Jamey at Chung King Studios; a very special thanks to Mike Stein and Bernard Purdie; to Remy for making things happen so beautifully with such short notice; to my mentor and friend, Colin Morrison, who has been in my heart every time I step up to the mic; to ML Norton for making such an incredible photo shoot happen; to Francois Gagne, Shanell Petrino, Jose Miguel, Haley, Cassandra and Americk Lewis. An especially special thanks to my forever friend, the incredibly talented Zack Atkinson, for the album artwork. To JR, my muse, with whom I’ve experienced love at its deepest and loss at its darkest… and for all the good writing material that’s come out of it. To Jasper and the Vinatta Project for hosting the NYC fundraiser and to my sister for orchestrating such a successful night; to the many people who supported my Kickstarter project that made the making of this album possible (special thanks to Deets, Jennifer Staudenmaier, Benny and RK for their exceptional generosity).

1. Lost It All

(Rebecca Kingsley McCandless) Kingsley LLC, BMI
Vocal Production and Arrangement: Rebecca Kingsley McCandless
Produced by Chris Sholar, Emoni-MilesMusic © ASCAP
Mixed by Jamey Zebrack, Chung King Studios

2. Knockin’
(Rebecca Kingsley McCandless) Kingsley LLC, BMI
Guitar: Andy Argondizza
Horns: Darren Whitney
Vocal Production and Arrangement: Rebecca Kingsley McCandless
Produced by Roy Hamilton III, Hit District II Publishing/Universal Music Publishing, BMI
Mixed by Jamey Zebrack, Chung King Studios

3. Hope I Find My Way feat. Bernard “Pretty” Purdie
(Rebecca Kingsley McCandless) Kingsley LLC, BMI
Drums: Bernard “Pretty” Purdie
Guitar: Andy Argondizza
Bass: Chris Smith
Piano: Kris Bowers
Additional Vocals: Dan Merrill and Betsey McCandless
Background Vocal Arrangement: Dan Merrill
Mixed by Dan Merrill, Studio 19

4. Breaking My Own Heart
(Rebecca Kingsley McCandless; Colin Morrison) Kingsley LLC, BMI / Sharlo’s Dream, ASCAP
Bass: Chris Smith
Piano: Kris Bowers
Vocal Production and Arrangement: Colin Morrison
Produced by nVMe Productions
Mixed by Jamey Zebrack, Chung King Studios

5. My Man
(Rebecca Kingsley McCandless and Darren Mastropaolo) Kingsley LLC, BMI / Roadside Furniture, ASCAP
Drums: Ronald Bouffard
Bass: Chris Smith
Piano: Kris Bowers
Mixed by Dan Merrill, Studio 19

6. Forever & Ever
(Rebecca Kingsley McCandless) Kingsley LLC, BMI
Produced by Chigoziem Egwuonwu
Background Vocal Arrangements: Colin Morrison
Mixed by Colin Morrison, Atlanta

7. Killing Me Softly/Matándome Suavemente feat. Wyclef Jean
(Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel) Fox-Gimble Productions, Inc., BMI / Rodali Music, BMI
Percussion: Jose Perdomo
Guitar: Angel Rosario
Bass: Emilio A. Nuñez
Keyboards: Hendry Zarzuela
Drums Programming: Remy Nuñez
Musical Arrangement: Remy Nuñez
Vocal Production and Arrangement: Rebecca Kingsley McCandless
Produced by Remy Nuñez
Mixed by Gerson Cornier, PR Studios

Executive Producer: Rebecca Kingsley McCandless
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering
Cover Design: Zack Atkinson
Photography: Jose Miguel


Hello to all of my wonderful supporters!

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve finished the album that you graciously and generously help make happen. Thank you again for being involved! The sound and package I worked so hard to create has already made such an impression on the few who I’ve shared it with, so much that new and unexpected opportunities have presented themselves. For this reason and so that I can further explore these exciting new options, I’m not going to release the album to the public in the same way I’d planned, at least for the time being.

The goal in making this album was to create opportunity, and it has done absolutely that… beyond my expectations! This process has not only “kick-started” my career as a singer, but also as a songwriter, and it has given me the opportunity to hone in on and flush out my place as an artist in this competitive industry.

There is a vacancy that I intend to fill as perhaps the first big American cross-over artist of our time. The last song on “Untouched” (“Killing Me Softly/Matandome Suavemente featuring Wyclef Jean”) is a Bachata arrangement of a classic cover that I sing in both English and Spanish. It is exactly this style and sound that I have decided to move forward with. In focusing on Bachata and Latin-Pop music, I’ve found my niche that is both creative and authentically part of who I am today.

Already, I am back in the studio; writing, recording and preparing for the release of a full-length Bachata album. Some of the music on “Untouched” may be integrated into this second full-length album while some of it may end up in the hands of other recording artists. Unfortunately, with the possibility of having established recording artists choose and ultimately perform my songs, the release of my recordings must be delayed.

With so much love and appreciation,

Rebecca Kingsley

The boys and I head to Cleveland to perform at the 10th Annual LOPen Charity Golf and Music Event. Such a good cause… so many fun people. Thank you Phil for havin us out there!

rebecca kingsley

rebecca kingsley

rebecca kingsley

Here’s a lil clip of us rehearsing the first time with all of us together- right before showtime