Making music, making friends, making memories, making history

In listening through the songs of “Untouched”, you are witnessing Rebecca Kingsley in actual motion as she is finding her way, her sound, her voice.  She assumed the role of the artist, writer, bandleader, arranger, producer and executive producer in the making of her first ever album collective.  Every step and component of this project she dealt with hands on.  But she never could have made it happen had it not been for the many other hands on deck. 


Following her graduation from college, Kingsley launched a Kickstarter project and- with the help of family, friends and fans- gathered enough money to take charge of her own production processes.  She spent the next six months exploring new sounds and building the album from the ground up, all with the unburdened freedom to assert her creativity and individuality.  The project features an exceptional group of musicians and collaborators including R&B legend, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie and 3-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Wyclef Jean.


Miss Kingsley named this album “Untouched” upon its completion June 1st, 2012 because it was something she took entirely into her own hands.  But when its release was put on hold as she pursued the making of a second, very different project, this title innocently took on further meaning as the album was left “Untouched” for more than a year. 


While all of the songs on the album are soulful fusions of Jazz and R&B with some organic hip-hop textures, the bonus track on “Untouched” is a Bachata cover of the classic R&B standard, “Killing Me Softly”. This song later became Kingsley’s first single off of her Bachata album entitled “Bachatera”.  She chose to release both “Bachatera” and, finally, “Untouched” on Labor Day 2013 to commemorate the hard work put into the making of these two, very distinct and special projects. 



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