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Rebecca Kingsley pushes musical genre boundaries as she crosses into unchartered territory as the first non-Latina American-born Bachatera, landing herself in a niche that is creatively and authentically part of who she is.  Rebecca is able to combine her love for rhythm and dance, her passion for writing love songs to organic instrumentals, and her ability to speak Spanish; all with the freedom to celebrate her beautiful vocal range, something that is often compromised in American pop music.  Her classic Bachata sound- subtly infused with a rich mix of jazz, R&B and soul- has received industry support and local critical acclaim in Santo Domingo, New York City and all over the world.

While all of the songs on Rebecca’s very first album, titled “Untouched” were soulful fusions of Jazz and R&B with some organic hip-hop textures, the bonus track was a Bachata cover of the classic R&B standard, “Killing Me Softly”.  This song inspired the making of an entire Bachata album, and so the June 2012 release of her first album was put on hold as she pursued this second, very different project.

In August 2012, Rebecca and Dominican producer, Remy Nuñez began writing for the Bachata album, and in only three months, they had written and arranged over a dozen original songs.  The songs have been recorded in New York City, Italy and the Dominican Republic. 

In January 2013, Rebecca published the music video for her first single, “Killing Me Softly/Matándome Suavemente feat. Wyclef Jean” and in the first week, received more than 20,000 views.  


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